Active estrogen-like compounds are obtained from natural plant compounds locked into the cellular matrix. As HMRlignan™ is not in a food matrix, it has a superior bioavailability and proven pharmacokinetic properties. It is therefore a pure lignan in the aglycone form (not bound to sugars) and, upon arrival in a healthy intestinal tract, is more efficiently transformed into enterolactone.

The lignans in the Norway Spruce extract act like estrogen, stimulating the synthesis and the circulating levels of sex hormone-binding globulin. Collectively, through multiple mechanisms of action, lignans positively influence estrogen balance in the body, having significant effects during the climacteric when estrogen levels are in flux. When estrogen levels decline, lignans may have a weak estrogen-like effect, mimicking the presence of estrogen. When estrogen levels are high, lignans occupy and block the estrogen receptors, thereby smoothing both peaks and valleys.

As well as being an efficient and direct precursor of enterolactone, HMRlignan™ is also a potent antioxidant as showed by in vitro tests. Finally, HMRlignan™ has also been shown to become incorporated in isolated low-density lipoprotein fractions, and to protect against copper-induced LDL oxidation in vitro.